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U-Pass Spring Quarter

Dear Student,

Since many of you will not be in Chicago during Spring Quarter, we will only renew the U-Pass for those students who will be local and would like to continue using the CTA. Please take a moment to fill out this form to let us know you would like to continue using your U-Pass during Spring Quarter. 

As a reminder, U-Pass is to be used only by the student for whom it is issued. Any other riders with you should have their own Ventra cards. CTA will confiscate the card if anyone other than the person appearing in the U-Pass photo is using the card.  Upon confiscation, a student will not be eligible for another U-Pass for up to a year. Your U-Pass riding privileges are not valid for Pace. 

Should you lose your U-Pass, a new one can be obtained through the College Dean of Student’s Office. Please note that CTA will charge a $50 replacement fee. Odyssey Scholars will be eligible for one free replacement during their time in the College.

If you have questions, please write to