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Technology Assessment

A message from the Office of the College Dean of Students

Dear Students in the College:

With the start of the Spring Quarter now one week away, the University of Chicago College wants to ensure all students have sufficient technology equipment and internet connectivity for remote learning before classes begin.

To help determine this, the College asks that all students prepare their hardware and software to successfully learn remotely, and contact the College if financial assistance is needed. Following is guidance.

To prepare for remote learning:

  1. This quarter, students will learn remotely with Zoom and Canvas.
  2. For guidance, the University’s Learning Remotely – Getting Started website has information about hardware and software students will need, including a computer and, ideally, a camera and microphone.
  3. A reliable internet connection also will be helpful for attending classes remotely and the site has information about how students should test their connection and what to do.
  4. To test these items, students should create a Zoom account by Signing In to, installing the Zoom software, and then Joining a Practice Session to check the function and clarity of the camera and microphone. 
  5. Before class, students should join a Zoom test session to check their audio and webcam. After Starting Video, look to see that the image is clear and that the green microphone button in the lower left lights up when speaking into the microphone.

For financial assistance, the University recognizes that the sudden transition to online learning due to COVID-19 has found many students unprepared for the technical demands of online coursework. For students who need financial support to update outdated technology that limits access to broadband or systems unable to support video and streaming capabilities, the University will provide assistance. Students with crucial technology needs should access the College’s Technology Request Form.

The University understands the demands of remote learning on students. We remain deeply committed to helping students to be poised for success.

Jay Ellison, PhD
Dean of Students in the College
The University of Chicago