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Perspective on COVID-19 restrictions

A message from Michele Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University

Dear Students in the College:

While the presence of COVID-19 within the College community has required an extension of the stay-at-home directive through Wednesday April 21, we are confident that we can finish the 2021 Spring Quarter strong by addressing this problem and recommitting to the UChicago Health Pact.

I invite you to check out a video where we interview Dr. Emily Landon, executive medical director at UChicago Medicine, and Dr. Anne Brody, associate director of student counseling at UChicago Student Wellness. Together, they provide insightful expert perspective on the current state of COVID-19 at the University, the importance of the stay-at-home directive, and the support and resources available to students.

We are here to support your success, and I am grateful to everyone who has gone out of their way to help others during this challenging time. Thank you.

Michele Rasmussen
Dean of Students in the University
The University of Chicago