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New Registration Process for Registering for Classes with Time Conflicts

A message from the College Academic Advising Office

Dear Student,

We want to alert you to a new and streamlined process for registering for classes with time conflicts.

The Registrar’s Office will no longer accept simultaneous enrollment requests via email. All students who are still seeking to add a simultaneous enrollment—including those who have already emailed the Registrar—are directed to use the Spring 2020 Simultaneous Enrollment Request form. The form is available on both the College website and the Registrar’s website.

Please note: This form is only to be used for classes for that are open and for which the student meets any class pre-requisites. Please also note the restrictions and additional instructions at the top of the form.

Students should not use this form for closed classes or classes that require consent. The enrollment transaction will not be successful through this form.

In order to register for a

  • consent-only class;
  • class for which a student doesn’t have the pre-requisites;
  • or a full class that would cause a time conflict students should email a completed consent form to and the Office of the Registrar will put in the time conflict override.

Please remember it is the student’s responsibility to work out any arrangements with faculty should the student not be able to meet the class responsibilities due to a time conflict.  That is, just because the student is able to register for conflicting classes, this does not mean that faculty have to excuse them from any mandatory class sessions that are being held live.

Please contact your adviser or College Advising with questions.

The College Academic Advising Office