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New Pre-Professional Programs Announcement to Students

A message from John W. Boyer

Dear Students in the College,

I am very pleased to announce several new resources to support your career development.

Since 2005, the UChicago Careers In (UCI) pre-professional programs have prepared students for careers in their specific fields of interest. These programs offer you access to expert career advisers with industry experience, a global network of employers, and thousands of internships and experiential learning opportunities.

Building on the success of the eight existing UCI programs, I am delighted to announce the new pre-professional programs below, effective Spring Quarter 2020. In addition, all existing programs will have new, simplified titles (“Careers in”) to ensure students can identify the opportunities that best match their interests.

  • Careers in Behavioral Sciences will support students considering careers that analyze and influence human behavior. The program will provide advising and professional development resources to explore a diverse range of career fields such as clinical psychology, mental health services, behavioral analytics, marketing, and social research.
  • Careers in Computer Science will serve students pursuing careers in software engineering, data science, information technology, and related fields. Students will benefit from expert advising, coding simulations, and opportunities to connect with employers in key tech hubs throughout the U.S. and around the world.
  • The current UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media program will expand to two dedicated programs. Careers in Journalism and Creative Writing will give students the skills and experience needed to launch successful careers in print and broadcast media, book writing, radio, podcasting, publishing, and other fields. Careers in Arts, Culture, and Entertainment will prepare students for diverse career paths in the arts, including artistic practice, arts administration, cultural institutions, and both business and creative roles in the entertainment industry.

Each of these programs will be open to interested students of all majors. They join our existing programs with the new names listed below:

  • Careers in Business
  • Careers in Education
  • Careers in Entrepreneurship
  • Careers in Healthcare
  • Careers in Law
  • Careers in Policy and Social Impact
  • Careers in Science, Computation, Innovation, and Engineering

To learn more and get involved with any of the “Careers in” programs, we invite you to schedule an appointment with the appropriate program director or any career adviser. You can make an appointment online through UChicago Handshake.  We look forward to helping you find a meaningful career in your field of interest.

With my best wishes for a successful quarter,


John W. Boyer
Dean of the College
The University of Chicago