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Expanded Post-Graduate Opportunities

A message from the Office of the Dean of the College

Dear Class of 2020 students,

I’m excited to announce that the College is expanding opportunities for you, our graduating fourth years, to continue your education, increase your skillset, and enhance your credentials in the marketplace. Your post-graduate success is a key priority and we are here to support you in your endeavors! The College is developing several new resources for you during Spring Quarter and beyond.

First, if you are interested in graduate school, UChicago Master’s programs are open to you and can be an excellent choice during the current and expected global economic challenges we will all face. For select programs, the graduate and professional schools have extended application deadlines and waived standardized testing requirements.  The College will also provide you unprecedented financial support to pursue graduate education.

In these challenging times, the College is investing in you and providing this support in direct response to the COVID pandemic. The following benefits are available to Class of 2020 students pursuing select UChicago Master’s programs:

  • Extended application deadlines to at least May 1
  • Waivers for standardized testing requirements
  • A one-year scholarship from the College to cover 50% of your tuition if you are accepted and enroll in select Master’s programs during the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Advising and support during the application process from Career Advancement advisers. You can schedule an appointment through UChicago Handshake.

This website has a list of programs that qualify for the one-year, half-tuition scholarship. They represent a diverse range of disciplines, and all will give you advanced knowledge and skills that will prepare you for specialized career opportunities. To learn more about admissions timelines and testing requirements for specific programs that interest you, please visit the individual program’s website or contact the program’s admissions team.

Second, the UChicago Micro-Metcalf Program will provide paid “micro-internship” projects during Spring Quarter with campus academic and administrative departments. These will be an excellent way for you to gain professional experience, build relationships with faculty, and earn extra income! Participating students will receive a $2,000 stipend for their work. Interested students can apply on UChicago Handshake.

Third, we invite you to apply for paid, post-graduation employment fellowships with a diverse range of organizations through the College’s Kimpton Fellows Program. In addition to full-time job opportunities with benefits, Kimpton Fellows also have access to professional development programming designed to help them thrive during their first year on the job.

Finally, congratulations to the many students who have received job offers and graduate school acceptances – your success is a testament to how much employers and top research, law, and medical programs value your talents even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Best wishes for a successful start to Spring Quarter, and we look forward to helping you reach your academic and professional goals.

John W. Boyer
Dean of the College
Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor of History