Welcome from the Dean of Students in the College

The Office of the Dean of Students in the College provides undergraduates with assistance and support throughout their years in the College. Home to a professional staff of academic advisers and deans, we are able to bring a range of expertise to bear on individual student needs and challenges. We are committed to providing students with relevant advice regarding their evolving academic interests and goals.

When do students see me or another dean in my office? Students meet regularly with their advisers for guidance on curricular, academic and campus-related matters, but also come to speak with us when they have a significant problem that they need help resolving. This can range from a personal or interpersonal issue, to financial problems, to family issues or communication problems with faculty or staff on campus. Students can expect to be listened to and—as appropriate—receive advice and advocacy from deans.

My staff and I look forward to meeting you. Welcome to the College and my best wishes for a happy and productive academic year.

John (Jay) Ellison
Dean of Students in the College