My Planner Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains information, tips, and answers regarding My Planner, your online academic planning tool.

My Planner, powered by Stellic, is a online degree planning tool for undergraduate students This interactive platform allows students to plan their schedules for future quarters, see how they are progressing in their degree and majors, and explore how different majors and minors would fit into their four-year plan. It is intended for planning purposes only and does not replace any existing processes for meeting with advisers or registering for courses. To log in, go to and look for "My Planner" in the sidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

    • Print a summary of your degree audit/planner by exporting it to a PDF by clicking the printer icon in the upper-right corner of the degree progress page.
    • Hover over the icons next to requirement lines to see an explanation of what that symbol means.
    • Switch from "Planned" view to "Official" view to see what is considered your official degree audit.

    my.UChicago is still the official system of the University and all transactions, such as declaring your major and registering for courses, will still take place there. My Planner is strictly intended to be used for planning purposes only, replacing tools like spreadsheets, worksheets, and the degree audit tool used by advisers in meetings with students.

    The green bar indicates courses that you have already completed. The golden yellow bar indicates courses that are currently in progress (in the Planned view, this will include all courses you have added to your plan, and in the Official view, it will include courses for which you are registered but have not yet completed). The gray bar indicates the remaining number of courses you need to fulfill the various requirements in your plan.


    The General Education (or Core) requirements, majors, and minors were all built in the platform to align with the requirements published in the College Catalog for each academic year. This means that students who entered in Autumn 2016, for example, will have the 2016-17 Catalog year requirements applied to their declared programs by default.

    If students declared a program that was not offered in the year they entered, there will be an error showing "No Matching Program Requirements." If this happens, please reach out to your Academic Adviser. They will be able to adjust the applied Catalog year for those programs that were not available during a students matriculation year.

    Additionally, for students who have the permission of their major departments to follow the requirements of a different Catalog year (most often due to changes in requirements or curriculum), they should also reach out to their Adviser, who will be able to make that adjustment in My Planner.

    My Planner is optimized to fulfill the most number of requirements with the least number of courses. This may result in courses sorting under a different requirement than expected.

    A full list of courses taken is displayed under University Degree Requirements > Overall Unit Requirement. Credit beyond the 4200 unit minimum will drop into the Unmatched Courses list at the bottom.

    Requirements with a "manually satisfied" constraint, such as departmentally approved electives, must be manually added by the Adviser once departmental approval is received. 

    If you are a Biological Sciences major, please note that your courses will slot into multiple track options. This is a known issue and a fix is under development. Your Academic Adviser can help you determine what requirements you have remaining.

    No - My Planner is just that, a planning tool. While you will be able to view your degree requirements and drag and drop future courses into your plan to see what is possible, you still need to meet with your Academic Adviser to confirm that your plan will meet all graduation requirements. Additionally, adding a major or minor in My Planner does not add it to your official records or transcript. You will still need to request that the major or minor be added through your my.uchicago student portal, or by speaking with your Academic Adviser. 

    A feature is currently being developed that will allow students to view "templates," meaning it will be possible to apply a suggested plan that would let you see in which quarter and year based on department recommendations, or analytics on the most common path followed by prior students. You will also be able to see if a course is not likely to be offered in a quarter you are planning it for, based on class scheduling data from the past three years.

    Your first point of contact should always be your Academic Adviser. Please send them an email or make an appointment if you have questions about your courses or the way requirements are being displayed in My Planner.

    If you have questions about the tool itself (i.e. navigation, features, bugs, etc.), you can utilize the "Questions? Reach out here" button in the lower left-hand corner. This will connect you with a Stellic representative. Please note: they will not be able to answer any questions about your degree program or academics. Those must go through your adviser. You can also click on the "?" symbol in the upper right corner of My Planner to access user guides and other useful information.

    We love to hear your feedback, and want to make My Planner work for you. You can submit feedback through an online form here.

    The following is a list of the top feature requests we have received:

    • Ability to determine which major or minor fit into degree plan according to coursework taken and remaining number of courses left before graduation.
    • Ability to plan for more than three majors.
    • Ability to make and save multiple versions of a plan.
    • Ability to plan for Joint Degree programs.