Graduation Requirements

Adapted from the College Catalog. See the College Catalog for complete details.

The College awards the B.A. or the B.S. degree to qualified students who are recommended by the faculty. In order to qualify for the degree, you must complete the following:

  • The general education requirements (the Core).
  • The requirements of a major program.
  • The minimum number of electives.
  • The language competency requirement.
  • Course credit for a minimum of 42 quarter courses: This number may be reached in part by examination or advanced standing (transfer credit) where appropriate.
  • An overall GPA of 1.75 and a GPA of 2.0 in your major/s.
  • A residency requirement: A student must be in residence at the University of Chicago campus for at least six quarters and must successfully complete a minimum of 1800 units of credit while in residence. Additionally, more than half of the requirements for any major or minor must be completed in residence. NOTE: Certain College-sponsored study abroad programs (chiefly the civilization studies programs) may be used to meet this residency and course requirement.
  • Completion of a "College Degree Application" form, accessible through the portal, is due by Friday of the first week of the quarter of graduation.
  • Payment of all outstanding bills and return of all equipment and library books.

Note: If the name on the diploma will not match the name on the transcript, complete a Change of Name form. You can change your address in the portal. If you have questions, call the University Registrar at 773.702.7891.

Additional Information

    Please refer to the University Registrar's site for grading deadlines for your quarter of graduation. Note: The Booth School does not offer early exams for students enrolled in 300 level courses and above and the College does not accept provisional grades.


    Bursar balances of more than $1,000 must be cleared by Friday of ninth week of the quarter of graduation in order to receive your diploma.

    By the start of the quarter of graduation, you should have:

    • Confirmed that the College language requirement is completed and posted to the transcript.
    • Confirmed that all AP, placement, and transfer credits are posted to the transcript. To order AP scores, contact the College Board.
    • Confirmed that all course names, numbers, and grades listed on the transcript are correct. The transcript becomes permanently immutable during the summer after graduation.
    • Confirmed that the information listed under 'Previous Institution' on the transcript is correct.
    • Updated your College adviser about the status of NGRs, Is, Ws, or blanks in required courses.

    Students who do not meet all graduation requirements by the appropriate deadlines will be removed from the graduation list, assessed a cancellation fee, and required to submit a new degree application prior to the anticipated quarter of graduation.

    The University Convocation and College Diploma Ceremonies take place at the end of the Spring quarter each year. Students who have graduated in the preceding Autumn or Winter quarters are eligible to participate in Convocation Weekend, along with students graduating in the Spring and those expected to graduate in the subsequent Summer. 

    Students receive a grace period of two quarters after their last quarter in attendance, after which access to many services will begin to close.  University of Chicago alumni retain access to the services listed below:

    1. Campus wireless network
    2. Email forwarding for
    3. Online transcript access
    4. Course information in Canvas

    More information is available on the IT Services page: Account Closure Policies and Procedures FAQs.