To ensure undergraduates achieve academic and post-graduation goals, UChicago College offers advising specific to education, research opportunities, extended learning, and career advancement. From generalists in the College’s Dean of Students Office and faculty who guide curricular planning, to research, fellowship, and career advisers who help students identify experiential opportunities within specific fields of interest, advisers help undergraduates manage—and get the most out of—their time at UChicago.

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College Academic Advising Office

The goal of academic advising is to help each student follow an individualized path through the curriculum, allowing that student to meet his or her personal, professional, and academic goals.

Every student is assigned to a College adviser, a full-time professional who helps undergraduates pursue their academic interests and guides them as they plan a program of study leading to a degree.

During the first year, College advisers help students to select Core Curriculum courses, balance study and extracurricular activities, and think about possible majors. Returning students can expect their advisers to provide guidance on campus opportunities like internships, scholarships, and ways to get involved with faculty research. Advisers also provide guidance on planning a curriculum, choosing a major, and staying on track to graduate.

Advisers also serve as a primary point-of-contact with UChicago College. Students should always inform their adviser if they are experiencing particular problems in class, suffering health issues that interfere with their studies, or are encountering other unforeseen events that pose a challenge to their academic success. Advisers work with their students to resolve the issues, often seeking assistance from administrators or partner offices, as necessary.

Beyond academics, advisers also provide guidance on achieving personal and professional goals. They often advise students on pursuits outside of the classroom and help students coordinate their academic choices with emerging career goals.

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisers as frequently as necessary. To establish an effective advising relationship, advisers need to know their students well; the better a student knows their adviser, the easier it is for the adviser to be of help.

Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their College adviser whenever they have questions about courses and programs of study or UChicago College rules and regulations. Most students meet with their adviser a few times per academic year.

Advising meetings are scheduled for 30 minutes, and topics range from course selection and degree plan completion to career planning and personal development. Advisers are able to connect students to all of the resources necessary for success in the College.

Required Advising Conferences

Students in UChicago College meet with their advisers at least five times during their first year and at least once per academic year after that. The mandatory adviser meetings are as follows:

  • During Orientation in a group meeting
  • During Orientation one-on-one with adviser
  • Between weeks 4 and 7 of each quarter in 1st year
  • Between weeks 2 and 4 in Spring Quarter of 2nd year
  • Between weeks 2 and 4 in Winter Quarter of 3rd year
  • Between weeks 2 and 4 in Autumn Quarter of 4th year

Registration Restriction

Students who do not complete a required conference by the end of 7th week are prevented from accessing the Course Request System. Students who do not attend a required conference by the end of 10th week are prevented from participating in add/drop period until that conference has been held. Students should schedule their appointments well in advance of the deadlines, as advisers are often unable to accommodate last-minute appointments.

Appointments with a College adviser can be scheduled through our online scheduling system. Advising appointments are available weekdays only and must be scheduled no later than 3:00pm the previous business day.

Urgent Questions/Problems

Students who have urgent questions or problems should contact their adviser directly. If their adviser is not available, students can ask to speak with the adviser-on-call.

Other Appointments

Appointments with other members of the College Dean of Students Office other than advisers should be scheduled through the front desk on the second floor of Harper Memorial Library during business hours.

Students work with their College adviser to declare their major or minor. Unless otherwise specified by the department, the deadline for declaring a major is Spring Quarter of the third year, although students are urged to decide upon a major by the end of second year, which will allow for improved planning for study abroad opportunities, preparation for graduate or professional school, or competing for internships or fellowships.

To officially declare a major students need to:

  • Check, well in advance, with the academic department for suggested or required deadlines (certain majors require a separate application).
  • Log onto the student portal (
  • Notify their College adviser.

Incoming first-year and transfer students are encourage to work with the College Academic Advising Office over the summer before they begin at UChicago. Incoming students will have a number of required tasks and placement tests to take during that summer and are encourage to be in contact with the College advisers during that time.

For more information, please review our New Student Advising materials.

Academic Adviser Directory

Academic Information & Resources

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Research & Fellowships

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) supports students as they pursue transformative experiences through scholarly undergraduate research and nationally competitive fellowships. The CCRF promotes meaningful connections between faculty and students, encourages mentorship, provides high-impact advising and events, and educates the broader UChicago community about these opportunities for all UChicago College students and alumni.

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Center for College Student Success

The Center for College Student Success (CCSS) serves students in the College and especially aims to support and celebrate those students who are first in their family to attend college, come from under-resourced backgrounds, or who may be undocumented, DACAmented, or have mixed status families. The CCSS team strives to help students navigate campus resources and foster an inclusive and supportive campus community that facilitates student success.

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Career Advancement

Career Advancement empowers UChicago undergraduates of all interests and backgrounds to apply their world-class education to a fulfilling career. Students have access to personalized career advising, thousands of opportunities to gain skills and experience, and connections with top organizations across a variety of industries.

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