2021–22 Stuart Tave Fellowship Courses

The Stuart Tave Teaching Fellowships are so named to honor Professor Emeritus Stuart Tave and his influence as an educator. The fellowships were established to provide exceptional graduate students with the opportunity to teach a course of their own design related to their research and appealing to undergraduates across the College.

We are pleased to announce the 2021-22 Stuart Tave Teaching Fellowship courses:

  • CMST 27022 Surveillance Media
    • Gary Kafer, Autumn 2021 TR 12:30-1:50PM, screenings Tuesdays 7:30-10:30PM
  • EALC 10622 Topics in EALC: Understanding Games and Play with Pre-Modern East Asia Literature
    • Jiayi Chen, Autumn 2021, M/W 3:00-4:20PM
  • MUSI 22721 Music in War, Conflict and Peace
    • Barbara Dietlinger, Winter 2022, TR 12:30-1:50PM
  • MUSI 23821 Writing Music
    • Hannah Judd, Winter 2022, M/W 3:00-4:20PM
  • SPAN 26822 Women and Food in Latin America
    • Daniela Gutiérrez Flores, Spring 2022, Days/times: TBD
  • TAPS 20230 From Theater Games to Gaming Theater
    • Arianna Gass, Spring 2022, TR 2:40-4:00PM

Course Descriptions & Syllabi