Biological Sciences Collegiate Division Summer Fellowship

A limited number of Biological Sciences Collegiate Division 2019 Summer Fellowships are available for registered first, second and third year Biological Sciences Undergraduate Students interested in conducting research during the summer in a University of Chicago campus laboratory. Biological field research is welcomed. The 10-week program will begin on Monday, June 24, 2019 and will conclude on Friday, August 30, 2019. Students may not register for any courses during this 10-week summer Fellowship.

The Fellowship will cover registration for the 2019 summer quarter and a $4,000 stipend ($1000 at Orientation, $500 following Week 5 Update, $2500 at Fall Symposium). In addition, the Fellowship will provide $1500 stipend to the host PI lab to cover supply costs associated with the research project.

Applicants accepted into the Summer Fellowship Program will also compete for the BSCD Undergraduate Award for Research Support.  This award that will provide an additional full academic year stipend to three of summer Fellows.  Selection will be based on the Fellow's participation and performance in the BSCD Summer Fellowship Program.


Questions regarding the Fellowship program can be emailed to Dr. Zaragoza ( or Dr. Strieleman (

Students awarded a Fellowship must commit to meet the criteria indicated in the Fellowship Commitment form, included in the application material. If a student cannot fully participate in the BSCD Fellowship program by meeting ALL of the criteria listed on the application, the student is not eligible to apply for the Fellowship.  If a student is granted a Fellowship and does not meet ALL of the requirements the student will be immediately dropped from the program and forfeit the entire stipend.


Class Level Eligibility

Priority will be given to:

(1) students registered in the 3rd Quarter of the AB Biology Sequence

(2) students registered in the Premed Biology Sequence (20170s)

(3) students that have registered for BIOS 20150 in the Winter Quarter the application is being submitted.


To Apply: Submit the Following Required Materials

1)       Curriculum Vitae

2)       Research Proposal (one page maximum – written by student applicant)

3)       Applicant Summary (brief explanation - no more than 500 words): 

  • Why are you interested in applying for this fellowship?
  • How will participating in the BSCD Fellowship Program enhance your undergraduate experience?
  • How will participation in the Fellowship program enrich, strengthen or advance the applicant’s scientific career?

 4)       Official Transcript (transcript should include recent winter quarter grades. Students may submit a non-official transcript showing the winter quarter grades and follow by submitting an official transcript asap.)

5)       List of the courses for which the student has registered in the Spring Quarter and a list of the courses for which the student will register in the following Fall Quarter.

6)       Completed forms listed below (please see Handshake post attachments to access the below forms.)

  • Completed checklist. (form attached)
  • Fellowship Commitment form: lists all criteria Fellows must meet. (form attached)
  • Principal Investigator Seminar Series Schedule form: completed with PI indicating the dates available to present a seminar during the Fellowship program. (form attached)
  • Principal Investigator and Student complete form for contact information: complete names, email addresses, department, office address, phone #’s, etc. (form attached)

 7)       Letter from the Principal Investigator/ Faculty Sponsor including the information below (please address letter to “The BSCD Fellowship Committee”).  The P.I. / Faculty Sponsor will:

  • Welcome student into lab as a Fellow (or Undergraduate Researcher) for 10-week research project
  • Commit to discussing the project and suggest/advise reading material
  • Meet weekly to direct and advise the Fellow during the 10-week internship
  • Commit to seeing that the Fellow fully participates and meets ALL of the criteria stipulated in the application, including:
    • Participate in the 10-weeks of research
    • Participate the Fellowship Seminar Series
    • Participate in and attending the two days when Fellows present the 5-week Updates of their summer research
    • Participate in and attending the all-day Fall Symposium
    • Advise and guide the Research Proposal
    • Advise and guide the preparation of the presentation for the 5-week Research update held in the 5th week of the Summer Quarter
    • Advise and guide the preparation of the presentation for the Fall Symposium that will be held on the Saturday at the end of the first week of the Fall Quarter, Saturday October 5, 2019. 

  • If a student is not selected as a recipient of a BSCD Summer Fellowship, the Principal Investigator should indicate whether he/she would support/fund the student in their lab during the summer. 

  • Principal Investigator will commit to write an evaluation of the Fellow’s participation in the Fellowship program, their performance in the lab and progress on their research project at the end of the 10-week Fellowship and email the evaluation letter directly to Dr. Zaragoza ( and Dr. Strieleman ( at the end of the 10th week, due August 30, 2019."


Application Deadline:  3:00 pm on April 10, 2019, Wednesday of Week 2 of the Spring Quarter

Only complete Applications (including all of the above materials) submitted by 3:00 pm on April 4, 2018, Wednesday of week 2 of the Spring Quarter will be accepted by the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division and reviewed by the committee.


Fellowship Awards:

Fellowship awards will be announced on Friday April 26, 2019.

Academic Year Fellowship Award:

Acceptance into the Summer Fellowship Program qualifies the Fellow to compete for funding during the academic year.  Three Fellows will be awarded full academic year funding based on their participation and performance in the BSCD Summer Fellowship Program.