Apply for Humanities Core Lectureships

Thank you for your interest in applying for a lectureship in the Humanities Collegiate Division! We are now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic year.

This site provides job descriptions and application instructions for lectureship positions in the Humanities Collegiate Division general education (Core) sequences. Applicants for these positions must be University of Chicago graduate students who have attained ABD status no later than the end of Spring Quarter 2021.

Hiring decisions will be made by faculty committees in consultation with the Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division during the early summer quarter, and scheduling is done based on the scheduling requirements of the Humanities Collegiate Division. Preference will be given to those graduate students who have completed a substantial part of their doctoral dissertation, participated in the pedagogical training course offered by the College Writing Program, and served as writing interns in the Humanities Core. For details on the training courses offered by the College Writing Program, contact them at 773.702.2658 or

Applicants are free to apply for more than one sequence. Brief descriptions of each sequence are provided below. Complete descriptions of the Humanities Core sequences can be found in the College Catalog.

If you have questions, please contact the Collegiate Division Coordinator at

Expectations of Lecturers

Lecturers are chosen on the basis of their qualifications as teachers and scholars and the progress of their academic work. Lecturers have full responsibility for teaching one or more sections of a Core Sequence in the Humanities for one or more quarters. Within the limits established by tradition, faculty consensus, and a syllabus of shared readings, lecturers have discretion to teach the class as they see fit to achieve the learning goals of the Humanities Core Curriculum. The Faculty Core Coordinator of each Core sequence and the Humanities Core Pedagogy Coordinator, a position held by Valerie Levan, Assistant Senior Instructional Professor, are the resources to which lecturers should turn for assistance with their teaching. For help with logistical and administrative issues, please contact Hannah Stark.

The chief responsibilities of lecturers are the following:

  • Attend required pedagogy workshops offered by the Chicago Center for Teaching in collaboration with the Humanities Collegiate Division
  • Participate in all regularly scheduled meetings of the staff teaching in the same sequence. Staff meetings are arranged by the coordinators of each Core sequence
  • Prepare a syllabus that clearly states the objectives of the course, the requirements that students will be expected to fulfill, and the basis on which they will be graded. A syllabus template is included as an appendix to the Humanities Core Teaching Handbook.
  • Announce clear policies on grading, attendance, class participation, and cheating, and adhere to those policies
  • Grade and comment on papers in a timely fashion
  • Maintain regular weekly office hours
  • Give students meaningful and timely feedback on their performance
  • Work closely with the writing interns to integrate the writing workshops with the Core class
  • Submit final grades by the Registrar's published deadline

Humanities Core Courses Descriptions