Why UChicago?

If you’re asking that question, you’re already off to a great start. UChicago undergraduates never stop asking questions, whether they’re diving into complex issues with faculty, discussing curriculum with a classmate, or just debating their favorite movie or TV show with a roommate. At UChicago, a culture of fearless inquiry and a commitment to free expression is central to everything we do. 

With a strong foundation of a liberal arts education and an insatiable hunger for learning, UChicago students push beyond what can be learned in books and lectures, delving into eye-opening research opportunities, and discovering their professional and personal aspirations with hands-on experience.

With our expansive and thought-provoking Core Curriculum, the foundation of our liberal arts education, as well as an extensive selection of majors, minors and specializations, UChicago students are well-versed in many different subjects of study. With world-class faculty and small, personal discussion-based classes, their breadth of knowledge also contains great depth.

The University of Chicago is a world-class university in a world-class city, full of possibilities – and the cozy neighborhood that we call home, Hyde Park, provides an excellent base of operations. Our ivy-laden campus is surrounded with cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, theaters and beautiful views of Lake Michigan. If you take a visit to Promontory Point on nice summer afternoon, you’ll see what makes this community so special (or you can visit in the morning for a beautiful sunrise).

So, why UChicago? If you’re asking that question, you might just be a perfect fit.