Student Records and FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of educational records. Unlike high school students, FERPA considers college students to be independent and therefore information about them, save for basic “directory” information, may not be released to parents or guardians unless the student consents to disclosure or other exceptions to FERPA apply. For more information about FERPA, see the Student Education Records and Directory Information section of the Student Manual. For example, the College may choose to notify parents or guardians if the College is aware of a health or safety concern that poses a significant danger to the student or to others; the College may also notify parents of a change in a student’s status.

How can parents or guardians access FERPA-protected information?

Active students may update restrictions related to FERPA in the My Profile portion of the My.UChicago student portal. For more information, please refer to Using My Profile page of the Registrar's website.

How will the College communicate with me regarding my student?

Communication between the College and parents is complicated because the College considers students to be responsible young adults capable of making appropriate decisions about the information that should be shared with their parents and guardians. Although FERPA authorizes the College to disclose information to parents with the students’ consent, such consent does not require disclosure. Advisers routinely let students know when a parent or guardian has contacted them, even if the student has authorized disclosure. Parents and guardians who want to know how their student is doing are encouraged to ask their son or daughter directly.

How can my student update parent or guardian contact information?

Your student can update your contact information at any time on the my.uchicago.edu student portal under the My Profile section.

How can I obtain information about my student’s grades?

Even if a student consents to the disclosure of grade information to his or her parents or guardians, the University of Chicago will not send copies of students’ grades to their home addresses. Students instead are able to access their term grades directly through the online student portal, my.uchicago.edu, under the Academics tab in the My Courses and Grades portlet. There, they can also electronically request official transcripts to be sent to a designated email address. The transcripts will reflect the student's entire academic history, including grades, transfer credits and examination credits.

How can I obtain a letter verifying my student’s enrollment at the University for insurance purposes?

Students may request enrollment certification reports on the my.uchicago.edu student portal under the My Profile tab.

How can my student obtain a transcript?

Most students request transcripts through the student online portal, my.uchicago.edu. Students may also make transcript requests directly to the Registrar’s Office in person or via postal mail. Transcripts can be delivered via email or postal mail, or can be picked up at the Registrar’s Office.