Meet Your 2016-2017 College Media Editors

Learn more about the students behind the stories.
Group photo of 2016-2017 College Media Editors.
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Zola Yi, College Visual Media Editor, Class of 2020

Sarah Manhardt, Class of 2017

College Managing Editor 

A History and Geography major from Washington DC, Sarah is into urbanism, education, and writing. She’s interested in why things are where they are, looking at the structure and evolution of cities. Sarah’s current obsession is researching the redevelopment of Washington following the 1968 riots for her senior thesis. She’s split her time at the University between tutoring local students, writing and editing for The Chicago Maroon, and exploring Chicago on the CTA.

Adia Robinson, Class of 2018

College Media Editor

Adia is an English and Political Science major originally from Washington, DC. Passionate about journalism, when not writing for the College website, she occasionally writes pieces for the South Side Weekly. She also writes fiction and poetry and is currently the assistant creative director of Blacklight, the official magazine of UChicago’s Organization of Black Students. When she’s not in class or writing, Adia can be found discussing politics with friends, listening to Beyonce, missing her cats, and eating chicken nuggets.

Christine Schmidt, Class of 2017

College Media Editor

As a native Chicagoan and a Public Policy major specializing in urban policy and politics, Christine has made writing and journalism an integral part to her four years at the University of Chicago. She has spent almost as much time at the Chicago Maroon student newspaper as a News Editor as on her classes, aside from when she studied abroad in a Spanish language-intensive program in Barcelona. Outside of writing for the College website and the Maroon, Christine rows for the crew team and samples all of the chocolate pastries from cafes and bakeries within a three-mile radius of her apartment.

Zola Yi, Class of 2020

College Visual Media Editor

A first-year at UChicago, Zola’s diverse span of interests ranges from the visual arts to the sciences, and encompasses nearly everything in-between. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zola is quickly adjusting to campus life. She is already a member of the University Chamber Orchestra, and is looking forward to participating in more organizations and activities as the opportunity presents itself in the upcoming year. When she’s not running around the quad rushing to get to (and find) her classes, Zola enjoys practicing the violin, photography, pickup soccer, yoga, and the occasional trip downtown on the weekends.

Sarah Zimmerman, Class of 2017

College Media Editor

Although originally from Los Angeles, Sarah has quickly made Chicago a second home, immersing herself in both the local culture and politics through her love of journalism. She spends most of her nights locked in the basement of Ida Noyes as the Viewpoints editor for the Chicago Maroon. When she does go outside, she’s sure to greet  every dog she sees.  




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