Christine Schmidt

Photo of Christine Schmidt.

College Media Editor

Class of 2017

As a native Chicagoan and a Public Policy major specializing in urban policy and politics, Christine has made writing and journalism an integral part to her four years at the University of Chicago. She has spent almost as much time at the Chicago Maroon student newspaper as a News Editor as on her classes, aside from when she studied abroad in a Spanish language-intensive program in Barcelona. Outside of writing for the College website and the Maroon, Christine rows for the crew team and samples all of the chocolate pastries from cafes and bakeries within a three-mile radius of her apartment.

Around the Arts in 70 Snaps

A Snapchat spree of all the arts on campus.

2017's Student Class Day Speeches

Liz Adetiba, Karyn Peyton, and Alex Morales share their wisdom.

SWS is a club for more than just investment bankers - it's teaching female students how to manage their money and take on the stock market.

Listen Up: Summer Fields, AB '16

From linguistics to podcasts, Fields took advantage of opportunities at UChicago to prepare herself for a career in public radio and engagement journalism.

"At the UCSC you have the ability to think through problems and expand your knowledge on what doing good is, what is social justice, and what are the needs of the community.”

Between an academic-year internship, Resident Assistant duties, and volunteer commitments, Brock Huebner, AB'16, didn’t have a lot of free time for schoolwork. Get this: he actually encouraged people to leave the library and explore.

Song relied on the Office of Career Advancement to help him organize his interests and aspirations, from symphonies to oncology, as he prepared for his next step.

2016's Student Convocation Speeches

Hannah Gitlin, Kris Pittard, and Konje Machini share their wisdom.

When Jordan Met Michelle

Michelle and Jordan at the top of Rockefeller right after he proposed.

Michelle Rodriguez '15 and Law Student Jordan Call '16 found more than the life of the mind at UChicago—they found each other.

40 Hours in Iowa

Students from across the College had the opportunity to experience the historic Iowa caucuses firsthand, thanks to a trip organized by the Institute of Politics.

Sam's work on and off campus has helped inform his decisions about his future graduate schooling. The Marshall and Truman scholarships will help take him there.

Learn more about the storied past of improv in Chicago and the new partnership between the student group and the brand-new venue.

Life of the Mind—On a Bike

UChicago Dean of the College John Boyer leads the pack in the annual South Side History Bike Tour.

South Side History Bike Tour brings community together in annual 15-mile event

Members of the Pearson family answer questions at a panel about the announcement of the Institute.

The Institute will give students a chance to directly engage in research on global conflicts

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