What They Brought Back From Abroad

Our "What They Brought Back" series looks at eight students and the mementos they keep as reminders of the people, places, and experiences from their Study Abroad programs all over the world.

What We Brought Back: Marianna Zhang

oxford university study abroad souvenirs what we brought

Hiking and caving were the highlights of this UK study abroad experience

What we brought back: Tamar Honig

Chile study abroad uchicago direct enrollment

One student’s journey throughout one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world

What we brought back: Andrew Mines

Morocco souvenirs tea pot and glasses

Moroccan mementos reflect a rich and vibrant culture

Souvenirs from India UChicago study abroad

Crowded bazaars and some bizarre encounters with monkeys color one student's study abroad experience

From Abroad

In Paris, Yalzadeh experienced the life of les branchées, meaning "branched in" or "trendy."

Whitman Honduras items

Bringing history to life

Wilcox - WTBBFA-PT6

Living history in a global city


Welcomed in an unfamiliar land

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