The College by the Cup

For decades, UChicago’s student-run coffee shops have given community members space to congregate (and caffeinate) on their own terms. The cafés started small – Ex Libris began as a pair of vending machines when the Regenstein Library first opened in the early 1970s – but over the years, their role on campus has become paramount. In this series, we’ll explore the unique atmospheres of the College’s student-run coffee shops.

The College by the Cup: Grounds of Being

For those who seek coffee, religion, ... or maybe both.

The College by the Cup: Harper Café

A social haven for UChicagoans, with consistency where it counts.

Hallowed Grounds

For a devoted base of customers, Hallowed Grounds is truly a sacred space.

The College by the Cup: Cobb Café

Cobb Coffee Shop

While it's known for its quirky vibe, Cobb Café attracts patrons of all stripes.

Ex Libris Coffee Shop

Boasting great snacks and a friendly staff, the newly-renovated Ex Libris Café is the social hub of the Regenstein Library.

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