Getting Oriented

Want the inside scoop on O-Week 2012? We've asked several Orientation staff members to live tweet this busy week from @UChicagoCollege.
@KelseyCaring: "So excited to move in tomorrow! #Chicago #longdrive"...

There’s no week like O-Week. After the quiet months of summer, the campus comes to life to welcome the newest members of the UChicago community. From kickball on the Quad to tours of the new Logan Arts Center, O-Week is packed with activities and the O-Book has the scoop on mandatory and suggested events for the Class of 2016. 

The College invited some Orientation staff members to live tweet on @UChicagoCollege and give followers a behind-the-scenes look at O-Week 2012.  You can join in the conversation too with the hashtag #oweekuchicago.

Other social media activities to participate in during O-Week include tagging yourself in photos on the main UChicago Facebook page, a photo contest on UChicago Housing's Pinterest page, and UChicago Dining's foursquare specials.

O-Week 2012 live tweeters

Anamaria H. | Class of 2014, Biological Sciences
Twitter handle: @anamariahz
O-Role: Orientation Leader
Tell us about yourself: "University of Chicago 2014. Always a Biology major; sometimes a pre-med, sometimes a future zookeeper, and sometimes a permanent world traveler." 

Ben | Class of 2015, Economics
Twitter handle: @ben_nickerson
O-Role: Orientation Leader 
Tell us about yourself: "Maroon at heart, runner at Chicago."


Chris A. | Class of 2015, Biology and HIPS
Twitter handle: @CNAdames
O-role: House O-Aide, Crown House
Tell us about yourself: Christian Adames. 2nd Year Student at #UChicago. Neuroscience. Pre-Med. Tour Guide.


Emily Hatch | Class of 2015, Philosophy
Twitter handle: @EmilyHatch27
O-role: Orientation Leader
Tell us about yourself: UChicago Philosophy student interested in film/television, the arts, and community service.

Olivia Ortiz | Class of 2014, Linguistics
Twitter handle: @toomanyknives
O-role: Assistant Resident Head, Halperin House and  College Programming Assistant
Tell us about yourself: Master of puns, aficionado of dead languages, and designer of graphics.

Sara Lu | Class of 2015, Biology and Music
Twitter handle: @betterattumblr
O-Role: House O-Aide, Jannotta House
Tell us about yourself: "New Yorker, tea drinker, masquerading as a biologist, but secretly involved in film and music."

Udayan Vaidya | Class of 2014, Math and Physics
Twitter handle@theycallmeUV
O-Role: Orientation Leader
Tell us about yourself: "Card enthusiast, pun lover, rapper, and proud UChicago student"