Planning a Curriculum

The pages in this section are intended to provide students with guidance in selecting courses.

Step One

Consider your progress in the Core Curriculum and determine what requirements remain to be satisfied. Also consider if the Language Competency requirement has been met. Determine how many of the 42 course credits required for graduation you have already earned. For current students, both course and credit information (Advanced Placement, for example) are listed on your transcript. If you’re a new student, consult the section Examination and Transfer Credit on the Information for Entering Students site.

Step Two

If you haven’t yet declared a major, consider what courses may serve as a good pathway into the major or majors that interest you. If you have decided upon a major, consult the College Catalog for a summary of major requirements. Also consider the ordering of prerequisite courses. College Advisers are an excellent resource for long-range planning.

Step Three

Research the course offerings on the College Catalog and Classes sites to find courses that best meet your program requirements and your interests.