Zola Yi

Photo of Zola Yi.

College Visual Media Editor

Class of 2020

Zola’s diverse span of interests ranges from the visual arts to the sciences, and encompasses nearly everything in-between. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zola is quickly adjusting to campus life. She is already a member of the University Chamber Orchestra, and is looking forward to participating in more organizations and activities as the opportunity presents itself in the upcoming year. When she’s not running around the quad rushing to get to (and find) her classes, Zola enjoys practicing the violin, photography, pickup soccer, yoga, and the occasional trip downtown on the weekends.

Sing It Loud: Run for Cover

The members of Run for Cover, all college-aged men, posing in a room with a blue wall to the left and a white wall with a whiteboard to the right

UChicago's Contemporary All-Male A Cappella group

Class of 2017 Submits Senior Theses

UChicago class of 2017 submits senior theses

"Extremely rewarding:" Three fourth years reflect on their senior theses.

Sing It Loud: Chicago Aag

A group of students, the members of Chicago Aag, gathered together in a room with white walls and a brown chalkboard on the left side of the image

Chicago Aag fuses a love of music with a love of South Asian culture

What we brought back: Tamar Honig

Chile study abroad uchicago direct enrollment

One student’s journey throughout one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world

Lettering in Law

Phi Alpha Delta at the University of Chicago

A new pre-law fraternity brings together students to pursue their interest in legal careers.

Read All About It: The Shady Dealer

Shady Dealer UChicago student publications satire the onion

Publishing satirical news, The Shady Dealer is UChicago's only "intentional" humor publication

No Barriers to Student Success

Students helping each other with various subjects

The Center for College Student Success welcomes and supports underrepresented students

Art-iculating Stigma

arts coffeehouse uchicago student reads story

Through art, students express the realities of stigma and dis/ability

Exploring the Urban: Professor Emily Talen

Professor Emily Talen

UChicago first “Professor of Urbanism” brings an urban design perspective to the College.

Read all about it: The Chicago Maroon

The Chicago Maroon

A former deputy editor-in-chief reflects on the history and future of the newspaper that’s existed since 1892.

Group photo of 2016-2017 College Media Editors.

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