Max Asaf

College Media Editor

Class of 2016

Hey! My name is Max Asaf, class of 2016, with a double major in Cinema and Media Studies and in English Language and Literature, and probably some other convolutedly named major. I was born and raised in Las Vegas (yes, people actually live there and no, my parents aren’t blackjack dealers), and I have a love for everything film, whether it be watching them, writing them, or making them. I’ve directed two documentaries and have written two feature-length screenplays as well as countless fragments of movies that are tucked away in the notes app on my phone. I've brought my love of film to the College website as the Visual Media Editor in charge of video content and the College Memory Project. Outside of work and school, you can find me either watching a movie somewhere or eating somewhere before I go to watch a movie.

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UChicago Thanksgiving
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