Gordon Lew

College Visual Media Editor

Class of 2015

Scav Hunt Wants Your Blood

A photo of the Scav Hunt Blood Drive.

Scav gives back through Blood Drive and Day of Service.

A photo of the College New Media Editors taking over Harper 130.

If these walls could talk, they'd have a lot to say about Tinder, Tolstoy, and televangelists.

Kitchen Sink: An Artist's Dream

Students making art at Kitchen Sink session

New student arts organization provides painting supplies and a space to create.

Spring Campus Time Lapse

A Day at Code Camp

Second-year Cassidy Heaton with a FEMMES student.

UChicago FEMMES brings computer science to Hyde Park girls.

Trivia, Pursued

Pub Trivia organizers reaching into the depths of minutiae (Photograph by Gordon Lew, '15)

Living the life of the mind at the Ida Noyes Pub.

Annie Marsden

Fourth-year Churchill Scholar Annie Marsden is a varsity runner

Fourth-year Churchill Scholar Annie Marsden is a varsity track athlete, too

What Is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals students

Students pursue answers to some fundamental questions.

Through the Lens: "Humans of UChicago"

Humans of UChicago

The humans behind the wildly popular Facebook page take us behind the camera.

Professor Gabantxo at the blackboard

Intrepid UChicago students explore the unique character of Basque language and culture.

A Burton-Judson Halloween

A pleasant delight amidst the fright of midterms

Scav: Past and Present

A historical look into the evolution of UChicago's beloved tradition.

The College by the Cup: Grounds of Being

For those who seek coffee, religion, ... or maybe both.

The College by the Cup: Harper Café

A social haven for UChicagoans, with consistency where it counts.

Meet UChicago's 2014 Truman Scholars

Truman Scholar

Q&A with UChicago's four Truman Scholars about their reaction, background, and direction after college.


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