Austin Ward

Senior Media Editor

Class of 2015

Student Commencement Speeches, 2014

Speeches delivered by the three student speakers for the Class of 2014 at UChicago's 519th Convocation on June 14, 2014.

Meet UChicago's 2014 Truman Scholars

Truman Scholar

Q&A with UChicago's four Truman Scholars about their reaction, background, and direction after college.

Metcalf Memoirs

Metcalf Collage

What can you do with a Jeff Metcalf internship? Find out in these 14 diverse snapshots of interns' experiences last summer.

Metcalf Memoirs: Cody Weinberger

Metcalf Collage

Applying micro- and macro-scale biology to reveal taxonomic relationships.

Metcalf Memoirs: Benjamin Field

Metcalf Collage

Viewing retail politics in action at the Chicago Mayor's Office.

Metcalf Memoirs: Jeffrey Nelson

Metcalf Collage

Tech startup experience capitalizes on Computer Science foundation.

Metcalf Memoirs: Vlad Krokhmal

Metcalf Collage

Pushing the limits of productivity at J.P. Morgan Investment Management.

Metcalf Memoirs: Nick Pielech

Metcalf Collage

Getting up close and personal with day-to-day operations of state government.

Metcalf Memoirs: Madalyn Frigo

Metcalf Collage

Combining marketing and journalism experience at Sun-Times Media.

Metcalf Memoirs: Katherine Quintero

Metcalf Collage

Seeing how social issues play out within a global context.

Metcalf Memoirs: John Lim

Metcalf Collage

Going with the flow and directing where it should go at the NYC Department of Education.

Metcalf Memoirs: Erika Rist

Metcalf Collage

Translating keen thought into a reduction of bias and harm.

Metcalf Memoirs: Emily Wang

Metcalf Collage

Taking initiative and speaking up at n+1.

Metcalf Memoirs: Dake Kang

Metcalf Collage

'The more you ask, the more you explore, the more you get out of it.'

Metcalf Memoirs: Cindy Wang

Metcalf Collage

'Learning at a fast pace all the time' at Accenture.


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