Dean's Fund for Student Life

The Dean’s Fund for Student Life exists to support innovative ideas from College students. Funded by the donations of generations of alumni, the Fund has supported students and their ideas since its creation.

Over the years, the Dean’s Fund has sponsored innovative one-time ideas from students that have supported their academic and social contributions to the life of The College. Funding requests made to the Dean’s Fund are one-time requests and cannot be renewed.

Students seeking renewable funding should seek the advice of ORCSA or their academic department. Applicants are encouraged to develop smaller proposals that offer the student or group unique opportunities and have the potential to be self-sustaining.

Grant amounts usually range from $750–$1,500.

To learn more about the Dean’s Fund:

During the Academic Year, proposals are reviewed monthly by the committee on the following dates: June 11, 2013; October 16, 2013; November 8, 2013; December 11, 2013; January 15, 2014; February 12, 2014; March 12, 2014; April 16, 2014; May 14, 2014; June 11, 2014 -. Applicants will receive a response within two months of submission.

Please note that applications for June 11th, 2014 are no longer accepted