Announcing College U-Pass Program

May 2, 2016

To:         All College Students
From:    John W. Boyer and John “Jay” Ellison
Date:     May 2, 2016
Subject: Announcing College U-Pass Program
The College is excited to announce the implementation of the CTA U-Pass program beginning in Autumn 2016. The U-Pass program allows cardholders to enjoy unlimited rides on CTA trains and buses during the academic year.
We are implementing this program as a direct response to your request. In Winter 2015, Student Government held a referendum on U-Pass in which a majority of College students voted their support for this program. We are grateful for your voice and the partnership of SG leaders to help make this program possible.
By partnering with CTA, U-Pass will provide our students with greater and more affordable access to the city of Chicago. While purchasing monthly passes through CTA can cost our students up to $300 per quarter, the U-Pass program will provide unlimited rides for only $95 per quarter. Additionally, this fee will be covered for all students receiving financial aid.
Whether you are engaging with the city through UCSC, attending cultural opportunities with your Arts Pass, or going downtown to an internship, the U-Pass makes the city of Chicago more accessible. We hope you take advantage of all that our great city has to offer.
For additional information, please see our FAQ here.
John W. Boyer
Dean of the College
John “Jay” Ellison
Dean of Students in the College