School of Social Administration Courses

Students in the College may register for SSA courses. Students should consult with their College Adviser in the quarter prior to registration.


Before beginning the registration process, students should check the prerequisites for the SSA course in question and consult with their College Adviser. To begin the registration process, students should submit the Professional School Petition Form to Brent Fergusson, Senior Adviser in the Office of the Dean of Students in the College. You may email the form to or turn it in to the front desk of the Advising Office. The petition should describe the reasons for taking the course and list other relevant course work or experience. Once the petition is approved, the student must then get consent of the SSA Dean of Students, as well as the course instructor.

Registration is by instructor consent only. Registration cannot be done online, and consent forms must be delivered to the Registrar’s Office by the end of Week 1. Students who wish to audit SSA courses need only to ask the instructors permission to sit in on the course.

Drops and Withdrawals

SSA courses may be dropped before the usual College deadline of Friday of Week 3. Students may also withdraw from graduate courses, per the standard policies.

Grading Policies and Exam Schedules

Many SSA courses differ significantly from College courses; students enrolling in a SSA course should carefully read the course syllabus and consult the instructor at the beginning of the course to note any specific grading policies and the final examination schedule. Plus/minus grades are awarded, and College rules/procedures apply.

Using SSA Courses in the Degree Program

Students in the College are limited to six professional school course registrations (whether or not the courses are completed), and only four may be counted toward the 42 credits required in an undergraduate program. Professional school courses rarely count towards a major, but students may petition their undergraduate program chair before taking the course if they wish to use it towards the major.

Note: Professional school courses are not indicated as such on the transcript, although each transcript includes a key to understanding course identification codes. Expect that grades awarded for professional school classes will be considered by admissions committees in subsequent applications to graduate or professional school.


College students pay at the College rate.