Pre-Registration & Resolution

Courses that are not auto-enrolled may be added to one’s schedule during Pre-Registration. During Week 8 of Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, students who are eligible for Pre-Registration may select and rank courses for the following quarter via the site. Classes should be ranked from most desired to least desired (a ranking of “1” indicates most desired). Students interested in multiple sections of a course may select and rank multiple sections of interest. 

During Week 10, Pre-Registration requests are “resolved” and registrations are added to students’ schedules. The Pre-Registration process does not guarantee enrollment in any course, and students should discuss their registration plans with their College Adviser.

To be eligible to take part in Pre-Registration, students must have satisfied any mandatory advising requirements and be free of any administrative or academic holds. First-year students are required to meet with their College Adviser in every quarter; second-year students are required to meet in the spring quarter only, third-year students in the winter quarter, and fourth-year students in the autumn quarter. To be eligible for Pre-Registration, students must attend their adviser meeting before the end of Week 7.

Students planning to graduate in the current quarter, students who have scheduled a leave of absence, and students who will be abroad for the next quarter cannot participate in Pre-Registration. This process is only available for degree-seeking student. Students at large (SAL), international visitors, and Graham School students may not participate in Pre-Registration.