Part-time Study


  • Full-time study: three or four courses
  • Half-time study: two courses
  • Less than half-time study: one course

Students who are registered for either one or two courses as of Friday of third week are part-time students. Since registrations are self-managed, no special notification is sent to these part-time students.

The National Student Clearing House

At the end of third week, the Registrar reports the registration status of every student in the University to the National Student Clearing House. These data are subsequently used by various agencies to verify eligibility for financial aid, student loan deferments, etc. Therefore it is critical that the Clearing House receive accurate data. To ensure that your status is reported correctly, you should check your registration at the end of third week through myUChicago. Students who are required to remain full time for visa or financial aid eligibility risk serious consequences due to incorrect enrollment status.

Full-Time to Part-Time Status

If you want to switch from full-time to part-time status you need to meet with your College adviser before Friday of first week to discuss the effect on your degree program. Part-time students may continue to add and drop courses through the end of third week, but if you register for three courses at any point in time through Friday of third week, you will automatically revert to full-time status (without notification).

Part-Time to Full-Time Status

There is no formal process to switch to full-time status. Simply register for three or four classes.

Information for Part-time Students

  • Part-time students retain access to University facilities and services.
  • Participation in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) remains unchanged, although students with private health insurance should investigate changes to coverage before switching to part-time status.
  • Students receiving financial aid and certain scholarships generally must remain full time. Questions about financial aid should be directed to the Office of College Aid.
  • International students must remain in full-time status. Questions about student status and its effect on your visa should be directed to the Office of International Affairs well in advance of the proposed change of status.
  • Tuition rates vary by number of courses.

Student status certification

To confirm enrollment as a University of Chicago student for insurance or other purposes, contact the National Student Clearinghouse. Students who encounter problems with this procedure should contact the Office of the University Registrar at 773-702-7891.