Graduate Division Courses

Sufficiently advanced undergraduates may enroll in graduate courses. Graduate-level courses may be identified by the course number, beginning at 30000. Many graduate school courses are cross-listed with College courses. If a course also has a number that begins with 10000 or 20000, students in the College are expected to enroll in that College course number. Students who are considering graduate-level course work should consult their College Adviser.


Registration is by instructor consent only. Registration cannot be done online, and consent forms must be delivered to the Registrar’s Office by the end of Week 3.

Drops and Withdrawals

Graduate courses may be dropped before the usual College deadline of Friday of Week 3. Students may also withdraw from graduate courses, per the standard policies.

Grading Policies and Exam Schedules

Many graduate-level courses differ significantly from College courses; students enrolling in a graduate course should carefully read the course syllabus and consult the instructor at the beginning of the course to note any division-specific grading policies as well as the final examination schedule.

Using Graduate Courses in the Degree Program

Graduate courses may be used in the College degree program as free electives. With written consent of the student’s undergraduate chair, graduate courses may also be used in the major.

Note: Graduate courses are not indicated as such on the transcript, although each transcript includes a key to understanding course identification codes.


College students pay at the College rate.