Pre-Registration and Registration

Continuing degree-seeking students are registered for courses in one of four ways: through Auto Enrollment, through Pre-Registration, during the “drop/add” period, or via Instructor Consent. Summer courses follow a different process – for further information, go to the Summer Session Registration and Housing page.

EventWhen it happensWhat you do
Pre-RegistrationMon. Week 8, 9AM–Fri. Week 8, 5PMSelect & rank courses
Pre-Registration ResultsWeek 11View Results
Online AddMon. Week 11, 9AM–Fri. Week 1, 5PMAdd courses online
Online DropMon. Week 11, 9AM–Fri. Week 3, 5PMDrop courses online
Add Via Pink SlipMon. Week 2, 8:30AM–Fri. Week 3, 4:30PMAdd courses via pink slip