Chicago Booth School of Business

Students in the College may register for courses offered by the Chicago Booth School of Business. Students who wish to enroll in these courses must follow the Chicago Booth rules, procedures, and deadlines, which in some cases will differ significantly from the College. For further information, refer to the Booth School of Business Student Handbook for more information on its policies.


Students who are intend to take a course offered by the Chicago Booth School of Business should consult their College Adviser and review the registration process for Non-Booth School students page.

First-year students in the College may not register for Booth School classes.

College students may not take Booth classes in their graduating quarter, unless the course is not needed for graduation. Students should contact their College Adviser to clarify.

Registration for Undergraduate-Only classes/sections can be done through the usual Course Request process (“bidding”), which occurs during Week 8 of a standard quarter. Registration will also be provided on a space-available basis through the Non-Booth Student Registration process during Week 1 of each quarter.

Students who wish to register for other Booth classes/sections must follow the procedures outlined in the Registration Procedures for Undergraduate Students page to register for regular sections of Booth classes.

Note: Regular Chicago Booth courses are available to College students if space remains after all Chicago Booth students have registered. Students should attend Week 1 of the class in which they are attempting to enroll; however, the instructor cannot give consent to register for a course, and class attendance does not constitute registration. Registration must be processed by poll as outlined in Chicago Booth’s procedures.

Drops, Withdrawals, Incomplete Grades, and P/F Grading

Chicago Booth has different administrative rules. Be sure to check the Non-Booth Student Registration page to find information about drops and withdrawals.


Follow Chicago Booth schedules/procedures.

Graduating students should know that some final exams in Spring Quarter at Chicago Booth are given on the same day and time as College Convocation. College students should not plan on receiving permission to take the final exam at an alternate date or time.

Using Chicago Booth Courses in the Degree Program

Students in the College are limited to six professional school course registrations (whether or not the courses are completed), and only four may be counted toward the 42 credits required in an undergraduate program. Professional school courses rarely count towards a major, but students may petition their undergraduate program chair before taking the course if they wish to use it towards the major.

In addition:

  • Economics majors must receive approval to count Chicago Booth courses in their major before registration. Credit is not awarded in the major for Accounting (30000-30001), Building the New Venture (34103), Investments (35000), Corporation Finance (35200), Tools for Business analysis: Excel and Matlab (36104), or Marketing Strategy (37000).
  • College students may not register for Business Statistics (41000) after completing College statistics classes beyond STAT 22000.

Please note: Chicago Booth courses taken by undergraduate students will not count toward an MBA at Chicago Booth (and are unlikely to be counted elsewhere), although any grades received are calculated into the cumulative GPA and are likely to be considered by a graduate admissions committee.


College students pay at the College rate.