Academic Probation

In each quarter of registration students must complete, on time, 300 units of course credit with passing grades and with a minimum GPA of 2.0. 

A student who fails to meet this minimum requirement will ordinarily be placed on academic probation for the following quarter. Academic probation is a formal sanction but is not permanently notated on the official transcript. 

Students on academic probation are expected to complete, on time, 300 units of course credit with passing grades in the next quarter of registration, and with a minimum GPA of 2.0. At the end of that quarter, students who improve and meet those minimums will be returned to good standing. Any student who fails to meet the minimum requirements while on probation will ordinarily be asked to leave the College for a period of time, usually at least one year.

If a student fails to complete, on time, a minimum of 300 units of course work and also fails to attain a GPA minimum of 2.0 in the same quarter, the student may be immediately suspended regardless of whether the preceding quarter was satisfactory. 

NOTE: W grades and incompletes do not confer credit or impact GPA; however, they will count against the completion rate needed to maintain good academic standing.

Students on financial aid who fail to meet the completion rate (75 percent of registered courses) and GPA requirements and/or fail to complete nine courses each year may jeopardize their financial aid packages. See the Office of College Aid.

For the purpose of determining eligibility to participate in varsity sports, all students eligible to register are considered to be in good standing.