Academic Integrity & Student Conduct

All members of the University of Chicago belong to a tradition dedicated to the pursuit and cultivation of learning. A few simple principles – academic honesty, mutual respect and civility, personal responsibility – lie at the heart of our intellectual community. Each of us – students, faculty and staff – is pledged to live up to these standards and to support each others’ efforts in this regard. We take these values seriously and the College Dean of Students office is committed to helping first year students in particular, our newest community members, to understand how academic honesty, mutual respect and personal responsibility enable the ongoing success of our educational mission.

Each new student is given a copy of The University of Chicago Student Manual and Doing Honest Work in College by Charles Lipson. Set aside time to read the policies on academic honesty and student conduct carefully. Do not assume that you necessarily understand what constitutes good practices for academic honesty or civic behavior: university standards are frequently different from high school. If in doubt, check with your College adviser.