Declaring Minors

When planning for a minor, students should be aware that all courses required for minors must be taken for quality grades and cannot be counted towards the major nor the general education requirements. More than half of the requirements for a minor must be met by registering for courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers.

Students may declare more than one minor, but doing so is often very difficult, as courses contributing to a minor may not be also applied to a major or a second minor. Minors are listed on the transcript, but do not appear on the Convocation program nor the diploma.

The deadline to declare a minor is the end of Spring Quarter of third year. To declare a minor students need to:

  • Carefully read the requirements described in the College Catalog
  • Schedule a meeting with their College adviser, who will show them where to find the “Consent to Complete a Minor Program Form”
  • Meet with the director of undergraduate studies for that minor, complete the consent form, and return it to the College adviser