Choosing a Major

For many students, selecting a major can be a daunting task. With so many options available and with the future so uncertain, it can be difficult to decide what the “best” major is.

Thankfully, in most cases, the choice of undergraduate major may not be as important as fully engaging with all of the resources that the College has to offer. For over 100 years, the College has offered programs and classes to engage the mind and challenge assumptions, and undergraduates at UChicago can expect a rigorous, interdisciplinary education, set within a supportive intellectual and cultural community that provides an excellent preparation for an incredibly wide range of career paths. The University of Chicago teaches not what to think, but how.

In selecting a major, a students should work closely with their adviser to choose an academic program that is an appropriate pathway to the their future goals. For instance, graduate study in a particular field may require significant undergraduate course work in that discipline, and some types of post-graduate study, such as medical school, have specific prerequisite requirements. On the other hand, professional schools in fields such as business, law, public policy, and social work tend to focus on an applicants’ analytic and communication skills.

The ideal major is the one in which the student feels the most intellectually engaged and successful. Most students will change majors at least once during their time on campus as their perspectives and future plans change.